HRUnite! 2020 Conference Speaker Spotlight

Tina Marie Wohlfield and Brenda Meller interviewed all of the speakers from the upcoming HRUnite! 2020 conference.  Click on the links below to hear more about what they will be sharing during each of their sessions!

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

James Reid (Opening Keynote)

Speaker Spotlight James Reid

Lee Meadows (Workshop 1)

Speaker Spotlight Lee Meadows

John Broer and Sara Best (Workshop 2)

Speaker Spotlight John Broer and Sara Best


Thursday, July 16th

Brenda Meller (Workshop 3)

Speaker Spotlight Brenda Meller

Tom Daniels (Workshop 4)

Speaker Spotlight Tom Daniels

Terry Bean (Closing Keynote)

Speaker Spotlight Terry Bean

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